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Peace Excerpt

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

"Today, this war is finally over.I promised my Uncle that I would restore the honor of the Fire Nation, and I will. The road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided.But with the Avatar’s help, we can get it back on the right path, and begin a new era of love and peace."

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on a scale from Matilda to Carrie how well do you handle having telekinesis and terrible parents

Andrew Detmer

“To the people clinging to the notion that female-led pictures are a niche genre, people see them! They make money! The world is round, people!”  - Cate Blanchett

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six word autobiography: “fuck goddamnit i fucked up so bad”

guys i specifically made that sentence seven words long so someone could comment “but thats seven words” and i could say “fuck i did it again i fucked up” so we could all have a good laugh but no one said it. yall fucked up. i fucked up because i assumed yall wouldnt fuck up. everythings fucked up